"Sharp Competition"

Detroit Free Press

By Karen Jacobs

h, the hazards of being an Eskimo made of ice. If the weather's very cold, you could be too brittle to carve. Too warm, and you're a slush puppy. Rain? You're a goner. So it's with happy heart that the coordinators of the annual Plymouth Ice Sculpture Spectacular, which kicks off today, heard the forecast for today: temperatures in the mid-30s, just right for ice-carvng. "It'll be warm enough for people to come out but cold enough so people can do the ice carving," said Michael Watts, executive director of the downtown event. There's no charge to look.

The six-day event, now in it's 11th year, lets professional chefs and culinary students show their creativity. Competitions for cash awards will be held.

The weather hasn't always been friendly, so organizers took measures to shield sculptures from the elements. Although some sculptures will be outside, other displays will be indoors. Carving competitions are in parking structures.